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Your father wound

Your relationship with men has a direct correlation with your relationship with your father. ⠀ How they treated you, your mother, their partners, themselves...⠀ All of it send a subconscious message to you on how the masculine shows up in this world and what you can expect from men in your life. ⠀ We all have father wounds. It’s what comes with the territory of having a father. ⠀ It doesn’t make them bad or wrong. ⠀ It’s just what is. ⠀ The best way to shift this is through forgiving your father. ⠀ Trusting that he did his best with what he had. ⠀ Remember, hurt people hurt people. ⠀ It doesn’t mean what he did was “okay”. It really isn’t about him at all. ⠀ When you forgive your father, you free yourself from the subconscious conditioning of what you believe men are like. ⠀ When we are carrying a father wound, we subconsciously recreate relationships that we hope will heal this wound in some form. ⠀ Talk about putting pressure on our partners eh?⠀ Nobody else can heal this for you. Not even your father. ⠀ It must come from within through your forgiving compassionate heart. ⠀ At one point in my life, I was so angry with my father I didn’t think I wanted him at my wedding or around my future children. ⠀ Only when I forgave him for his addiction and saw his pain that he had projected onto me, was I able to completely shift our relationship. ⠀ We have never been closer and for this I am grateful for. ⠀ There still continues to be work to be done. More forgiveness to be had. It may even take a lifetime. ⠀ Just opening to the possibility of forgiving them can have a significant impact on your life and the partners that you choose. ⠀ ⠀

So no matter what your current relationship is like with your father, I invite you to ask yourself, “What did he teach me about love and life?”⠀ “How have these teachings impacted my own journey with love and life?”⠀ Allow the awareness to arise, so you at least know what you’re working with. ⠀ I speak to this topic in the latest episode of The You Relationship Podcast, as I share the types of men I have allowed into my life and how it all started with my father. ⠀

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