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Best Podcast Episodes on Dating and Self-Love

The You Relationship is a podcast hosted by Maria Juzwin (that's me!) Made to deepen your relationships with others and especially yourself. In the show we cover topics about dating, divorce, relationships, sex, parenting, and more.

As a celebration of the You Relationship's first birthday, I am are sharing with you the top 5 downloaded episodes from the past year! Whether you are single or in a relationship, there is entertaining content here for you to connect more deeply with yourself and with others.

Here are the top 5 podcast episodes:

This was the first ever episode of the show! A kickoff to a special book club series for Deeper Dating by Ken Page that was co-hosted with myself and Katrina Marie ("The Brené Brown of Pussy", a sex coach, writer, course creator and a dear friend of mine.) In the series we explore conscious dating advice given by Ken and compare stories of how it impacted our dating lives. A humorous and very real series. One that many have said makes them feel like they are sitting with their friends chatting about the good and bad of dating. Dive into the series.

One of the juiciest episodes of the show. Rachel Molenda (Intuitive Eating Coach and Mental Health Advocate) shares about her experience discovering love for her body and her sexuality. We share about our personal experiences venturing into same sex dating, as well the love we discovered for ourselves in the process. Hear more here.

No shocker that the 3rd most popular episode of the series is the second episode of the Deeper Dating Series. In this episode we explore the concept of core gifts, which according to Ken Page are your most important qualities in calling in the love that you desire. Explore your core gifts.

One of the most important topics out there, in my opinion, is parenting. How we are raising our future generations to feel about themselves, the world and life in general. This special episode features Julie Jacinto, a Soul Parent|Spiritual Child™️ Educator and mother of 3. In our conversation, she shares about the non-traditional ways she has raised her children and has allowed them to be the leaders of their own needs. A must-listen for anyone who is a parent or hopes to one day. Open your heart and mind to alternative parenting.

If you want to wake up to the reality of how you have been choosing partners, then this is the episode for you. This chapter was the most powerful for me, and it'll help you see the difference between who you are naturally attracted to and how to determine when it is in fact a healthy attraction versus one that will create disappointment in the long-run. Explore the efficacy of your dating radar.

SO many great guests and content over the past 41 episodes and over 3,400 downloads in its first year! The You Relationship is a podcast that will open your heart and your mind to relating, loving and parenting in a conscious and deeper way.

Season 2 is currently in the works. To stay tuned on its release, sign up for my newsletter.



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