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The lesson chaos carries

<<< CHAOS >>>

You feel it??

From within ourselves to the world outside of seems to be everywhere these days.

Do you know what chaos does though? It creates madness..

And with that madness it demands that something new be create...something better functioning...something better.

The energy we are in right now is bonkers!

With the new moon, mercury being in retrograde, the eclipse and summer solstice...there is a lot coming up for us individually and as a collective.

I am seeing many of you reconnecting with past hurts and past wounds that are being asked to be healed.

You may be finding yourself thinking about your parents, old partners, old jobs...

Know that this is all coming up for a reason.

So that you can free yourself from it for good.

Know that in your tears, in your rage, in your fullest expression it releases.

You are being discouraged to write off or numb out the pain.

It will get more intense if you do so.

You got to feel it to free it.

Ask yourself what messages these past pains are carrying for you?

Ask yourself what actions you can take or what thoughts you can shift to no longer allow it continue.

In the chaos you will rise.


The Universe

(channeled through Maria Juzwin)

Photo by Callum Skelton on Unsplash

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