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May these holidays be merry and bright

The holiday season can be very chaotic, unsettling and stressful. If you'd like to make your holidays special, it is important to connect with what you want them to look like. Once you do, you can set an intention to create what it is that you want. Your holidays don't have to be busy, tiring and glutinous. They can be connected, loving and relaxing.

Below you can find a live video I hosted in talking about my experiences going into this holiday season and how imporant it is to honour yourself and set intentions going into it.

Ask yourself:

1. What do I want this holiday break to look like?

2. How do I want it to feel?

3. What is the most important experience or feeling I want to have?

4. What can I do to make this happen?

5. What steps can I take to support my intention?

Join me LIVE Thursdays at 9 PM EST on the Moonlit Divinity Facebook Page.

With love and light,


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