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It's a crazy year end with mercury retrograde in full force, but it's important you don'

We are currently in Mercury Retrograde, as well as coming up to the end of 2017. This is a crucial time for facing our shadow sides and reflecting on what has and hasn't been working for us. It is a time for our eyes to be opened wide and to see clarity in our ways of being, situations, experiences, etc.

With this, there is a feeling of heaviness and chaos. People are acting strangely. Some are getting sucked into their unproductive ways of being, which are resulting in them acting strangely and not being their truest selves.

Globally we are shifting into the 5D dimension, which vibrates at a higher frequency is all about unity and love. This is forcing us to shift from our 3D survival selves and into a higher level of functioning.

When trying to navigate this unsettled energy, it's important to function from a space of love. Love is the way to your own self-peace and global peace. It will help you feel more connected to yourself and others.

Ask yourself these 3 things:

1. How am I reacting and responding to things that don't serve me?

2. What would sending love to others and myself look like?

3. What would shift if I guided my actions and thoughts from a space of love?

Keep at it, soul sisters. The year is coming to an end, Mercury Retrograde will be out of shadow on January 22nd and the shifting will feel less chaotic for a little while.

Sending you SO much love!


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