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Your body is smarter than your mind

Our physical bodies are our truth encyclopedias. They tell us what we need and desire from our deepest core. When I practice Reiki on my clients, I learn so much, because their energetic bodies are carrying so much within them. Our bodies know us better than our minds and they will guide us more effectively.

We are taught that the best decisions are made from our minds, to stay away from feeling and stick with thinking. My advice is the opposite. Feel it, then think about making it happen. Allow your body, along with all of its sensations, to tell you what it needs.

To learn to connect within, there is a three-part question you can ask yourself.

  1. What is a physical trauma or illness you’ve had in the past?

  2. What was going on in your life at that time?

  3. What was your body trying to tell you?

Allow yourself to be present in your body and see what it is teaching you.

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