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You don't have to leave your home to feel at home within yourself.

How would you describe the feel of your ideal home?⁠ Cozy?⁠ Loving?⁠ Nurturing?⁠ Peaceful?⁠ Serene?⁠ How much money and effort would you be willing to put into your house to make it feel that way?⁠ A good way to answer that question is to look at what you have already invested in your house.⁠ What if I told you that you already have all that within yourself?⁠

That with putting the time and investment within yourself, you would be able to live in a shack and still feel at home.⁠ I use this example because we tend to over-focus on the external to bring us what we want to feel internally. ⁠ I’m all for a cozy home, but I know that I’ll never feel fully nurtured and loved, no matter what my house looks like.⁠ This is why Amanda Jane Mckay and I created the Soul Self Sanctuary Online Program.⁠ It is a self-guided program, where you are given the tools and practices to embody what it takes to feel peaceful and loving within.⁠ It supports you in going deeper within yourself and your own life to understand who you truly are, how you can find peace and pleasure in even the uncomfortable or mundane, and ways in which you can show up in your life that leave you feeling grateful and empowered.⁠ Register for the Soul Self Sanctuary Online Program and get started right away.⁠ No need to make sure your schedule is open, or that your kids are taken care of. Do it at your own pace and when you have time.⁠

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