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A day of unexpected adventures

I am feeling inspired and so in love today! So in love with life, this planet, the ups, the downs, YOU, ME and all the blessings that have touched my life so far. Yesterday was a tough day! I started the morning off with little sleep on a rainy day and had several unexpected adventures throughout, one of which was a minor car accident. Normally this would frustrate me immensely and result in me being in an unhappy mood for most of the day and feeling very sorry for myself. I would likely cancel all my plans and veg out on the couch in front of a mind numbing reality TV show. All while creating stories of misery and suffering in my mind. As these situations came up, this is how it went instead…

  1. I allowed myself to get mad! I did so in my own space. I allowed the feeling to come over me. I yelled and allowed it to pass. Then the anger was out of my system.

  2. I chose not to judge what was happening. I breathed deeply in and centered into myself.

  3. I acknowledged that there was a lesson in what was taking place and it gave me some peace to know that the learning would come soon after.

  4. I did everything I could to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. In the past I would let these things drag on or try and numb myself from them. This time I took responsibility!

  5. I looked for the positive in the situations and was grateful for all that went well.

Now today I feel tired, but I feel at peace and wonderful! I feel the positive energy radiating from me and am allowing it to encompass my whole be

ing. I am continuing to be responsible and allow things to progress within the space and pace that the Universe is allowing. I feel surrounded by and full of love and it is important for me to pass that love onto you!

My gentle lovelies, you are SO LOVED…by me and the whole freakin’ Universe! Peace and happiness comes from within. As you allow yourself to peel back the layers of your multi-dimensional being, this will become more and more evident.

Let’s connect and allow your internal knowledge to guide you to that magical place of fulfillment and light that you so dearly strive for.

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