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Propelling you into the power of your own inner authority as a leader and spiritual entrepreneur


Hello love!
I'm Arya!

I'm thrilled that you made it here. Out of all the places you could have landed on the inter-web, you made it here.

I don't believe in coincidences and I also know that if you're here, it's because you are feeling called to be making a bigger impact in the world.

You want to feel free...

You're done hustling for every dollar...

You want to take vacations without the guilt...

You want to do work you love, not because you have to, but because you want to.

I get it. I was in the corporate grind for years. My physical body deteriorated and I wanted to help the world, not contribute to its issues.

Then when I became an entrepreneur, I would ping pong between overworking and not doing anything. My nervous system was having a wild time.

Now I am in the business of body-led entrepreneurship. It is rooted in trusting your own inner knowing and coupled with strategy and logic, you become the leader of your business, abundance and life.


I know that you living out your calling (even if you're not sure of it yet) is the key to the joy and fulfillment you desire. 

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The Portal of Possibility

A free workbook to shift you into a space of expansive possibilities and help you call-in your deepest desires.

Breakthrough Session & Roadmap

An energetic healing and activation to shift your pain into a life transformational roadmap for your growth and fulfillment.

Bring that one thing that is keeping you suffering, and in this 2-hour session, you will receive detailed guidance on how to release its grasp and shift your life for the better.

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Fully Unleashed
1:1 Guidance

Want to transform your relationship

with yourself and your life?

Work with me one-on-one to receive

 dedicated and personalized

guidance and support.

This is where the big SHIFT happens.

Moonli Divinity Testimonal - Brittney Mishio

Brittney Mishio

I always feel very supported and cared for during our sessions. I can feel her energy connected to me throughout the session and that deep connection allows for much needed energetic healing and support. I often get shivers and signs of the power of her words. She is intuitive and thoughtful in her communications. No two sessions are alike, and each time it allows us to go deeper in on the journey of healing. I am so grateful to have her as a healer in my life.”

Patricia Macedo.jpeg

Patricia Macedo

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Arya is. She is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She works from a place of authenticity and makes you feel extremely comfortable. She is so intuitive and detail oriented, I'm very grateful to have her be a part of my journey. I definitely would recommend her to anyone looking to heal, align or just gain some insight into their journey.

Valerie Green.jpeg

Valerie Green

Arya helped me believe in myself in more ways than I thought possible. After losing my husband, I wasn't sure I would ever find love again. I felt damaged and unlovable. I am happy to say that we found one another this past March and I couldn't be happier. [It happened] because I learned to love the goofy, silly, beautiful woman I am and embrace my true self. This is what he loves about me. It’s the part of me I hid from people in the past.

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