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Maria is such a kind soul, I have done multiple sessions with her and always feel very supported and cared for during our sessions. I can feel her energy connected to me throughout the session and that deep connection allows for much needed energetic healing and support.


She is highly in tune with the messages my body is needing to communicate and I always enjoy hearing her detailed guidance post session. I often get shivers and signs of the power of her words. She is intuitive and thoughtful in her communications. No two sessions are alike, and each time it allows us to go deeper in on the journey of healing.


I am so grateful to have her as a healer in my life.

Brittney Mishio

Toronto, Ontario

It was so wonderful! I really liked the space that Maria had created. The little details like the mandala blanket over the table, and the sacred vibe of the space. The intent to make me feel comfortable was definitely felt and was really nice, and evident as soon as I walked into the room. I liked how dedicated she was to taking notes, and walking through them with me afterwards, those insights were really valuable (and didn't interrupt the process at all!). The whole experience was very warm, supportive and transformative!

So many of the things that came up were so resonate for me. And hit a lot of cords. And I loved the visual descriptions/visions. My brain definitely works that way so it helped me to visualize the concepts that were coming up.

Amber Ellis

Toronto, Ontario

I really enjoyed meeting Maria and learning about Reiki. Her kind and welcoming personality makes you feel at ease and comfortable with the entire experience. I found it to be very relaxing and enlightening. The soft music and pleasant aroma created a very soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Maria was also able to advise me on coping mechanisms for everyday life.


I was astonished that Maria was so accurate with her assessment of me. She was able to visualize exactly what was happening in my life and explain how it is affecting me. Maria was able to offer an explanation as to why I can be very guarded with people and possible causes for health issues I am having.


I wholeheartedly recommend Maria’s services to anyone. I was extremely impressed with her knowledge, talent and professional demeanor.

Shelly Eldon

Toronto, Ontario

I really enjoyed the freedom to have a session from the comfort of my own home. I enjoyed the calm and peace feelings I experienced. The session with Maria was highly informative and mind opening.

The most valuable thing I received from my session was an opening of my mind. I was able to see things as a third person and view my life from the outside. Negativity in my life has always surrounded me, but I was unsure of the root of the cause. Maria helped me find and narrow down some areas in my life that I could work on that can benefit my future healing. The experience was awakening, comfortable and calming.

Anyone seeking clarity and healing, among many other needs, can benefit from a session.

Natalie Hotoyan

Scarborough, Ontario

I liked the session afterwards where Maria was able to tell me places of tension without me telling her anything upfront, other than my pregnancy. It was cool how she referred to past lives which is something I have never thought to explore and how that has influenced me to be a certain way.

Farahnaaz Madhani

Stoughville, Ontario

Maria was really professional and I felt very comfortable working with her, which was really important to me since I was unsure what the experience would be like. She explained everything in advance and was really good about answering my questions. I think it was interesting to hear that it felt like I am too in my head and need to focus on my opening my third eye. I also found it helpful the follow up materials Maria provided. Overall, I enjoyed the session.

Sheryl Davey Kerametlian

Etobicoke, Ontario

I really enjoyed the environment of a total feeling of serenity and non-disturbance. I had an awesome feeling with the energy or electrical flow that went through my body and out through my feet. I also really felt in less pain with the warmth of [her] hands on my body especially at my knees. [I] liked the synopsis [she provided] and [the] reasoning of what it was I felt and related some to my emotional feelings and everyday life.


My body was more at ease and flexible with movement. I took away some of the reasonings and tried to apply to my everyday life experiences e.g. coping with stress

Reiki Client

Toronto, Ontario

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