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Session & Roadmap

Moving you from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to clear and focused aligned action. 

An energetic healing and activation to shift your pain into a life transformational roadmap for your growth and fulfillment.

May you be propelled into possibility

What you desire is so much more possible and achievable than you think.


You have a whole team of spirit guides, passed loved ones, higher dimensional beings,

and your higher self guiding you and supporting you from behind-the-scenes.

You are SO supported by these ethereal supporters and the Universe as whole.

Everyday you are receiving guidance and support through signs, hints, life events and much more

to lead you down the path of your destiny and purpose in this lifetime.

Whatever you desire for yourself, you can have it.

Your pain may have cracked you open and with that made space for

a new trajectory of possibility and transformation in your life.

Through this powerful Breakthrough Session, you will be activated onto a path

that aligns you with your heart's truth and purpose.

After 2 hours, you will forever be changed, as what has been holding you back

will no longer hold its power over you and instead you will have a roadmap

to your own joy and fulfillment.

Propel me forward.

Hello my love! I am Arya.

One of the toughest experiences I ever went through was the loss of my child before she was born.

I did not understand why someone I had loved so deeply and had wanted for so long would suddenly be taken away from me.


What I didn't see at the time was that my miscarriage would be the biggest catalyst for my growth and expansion.


This shattering experience took me on a path of self-discovery that then impacted my life in many profound ways.


I now help people like you, who have been shaken by a big event in their lives to shift it into a new trajectory of self-love, personal growth and using it to support them in creating the lives they dream of.

Your Breakthrough session will give you clear steps to take to bring more happiness and fulfillment into your life.

Activate me, baby!


All this for you

In your 2-hour Zoom session, you will:

> Release stuck energy and emotions in your body so that you can live in your power and your worth.

> Be activated into a frequency that magnetizes your desires to you, where what you want comes to you versus you chasing it.

> Receive a channeled personalized roadmap

for your growth and transformation that will guide you with the specific steps to take to create what you desire in your life.

From the guidance offered, you will:

> Have a powerful and unforgettable experience with the potential to change your life for the better.

> Feel seen for who you truly are for the first time in

a long time.

> Become excited about whats possible for you and see how close and achievable it is.

> Be clear on what next steps are needed from you to bring transformation and alignment into your life.

> Feel incredibly supported and loved.

This is for you if:

-    You have experienced loss and the grief has been weighing on you.

-    There has been a pivotal moment in your life that you feel has a hold on you.
-    You don’t know what is next and are desiring aligned guidance.
-    You feel like you keep hitting a wall with something in your life and want to breakthrough it.
-    Your mind keeps going in circles about your problems and you’re tired of facing the same challenges and roadblocks.

-    You feel called to greater expansion in your life.

Breakthrough Session & Roadmap

An energetic healing and activation to shift your pain into

a life transformational roadmap for

your growth and fulfillment.


Price is $555

This includes your 2-hour live healing session

and a copy of the recording.

  • How will we connect?
    All of our sessions will be over Zoom Video. They will also be recorded and shared with you, so you'll have them for life.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, there are payment plans available if needed.
  • Do you offer any special pricing for BIPOC?
    Yes, I do. Please complete the application form, set up a call and we can talk about the pricing options.
  • Can I work with you for less than 3 or 6 months?
    3 months is the minimum I'll take a client on for. I am looking to work with women who are committed to their personal transformation and in my experience, anything shorter than that would not deem significant results in my clients lives.
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