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Fully Unleashed


The key to a fulfilling life is already in your hands,

it's just waiting for you to access it.

Is this you?

You are feeling defeated and helpless with where things are at in your life.

A big change or event happened and you can't seem to move past it.

Perhaps you've gotten divorced, lost someone close to you, no longer love your career,
suffered through a miscarriage or can't get pregnant.

You know you want more and better for yourself, but yet you continue to feel disappointed in it not happening.

You've tried so many different things to get better. Therapy, exercise, diets, meditation, SO many books and podcasts, but yet you continue to feel lost and unsure where to turn next.

In some ways you think there might be something wrong with you and you worry that you
are never going to feel happy and fulfilled.

There have been unexpected changes in your life and you are having a difficult time seeing how your dreams are ever going to come true and in some ways you're not even sure what you want anymore.

All this struggle and stagnant energy is here to help shift you into a new existence that 

honours who you truly are and what you are meant to do in the world.

My love, a beautiful and fulfilling life is waiting for you.

Don't give up yet, because it's more accessible than you think.

My love, I have been there!

I worked my ass off​ to have the "perfect" life and I was committed to making it happen.

I was married, living in a big house in the suburbs, succeeding in a multiple 6-figure career, and traveling the world. But yet, I was still unhappy and didn't understand why.

Then one day I found out I was pregnant and it felt like the clouds parted and my saving grace had arrived. I became consumed with my pregnancy. I was reading all the books, doing all the preparations, writing to my baby every day and then the unexpected happened.

I miscarried and my world came crashing down around me.

That miscarriage ended up being the catalyst for my spiritual awakening. It took me on a path of self-discovery, where I released the conditioning of my past and connected with who I truly am and my purpose on this planet.

Over the years to follow I made several changes in my life. I left my marriage, walked away from my career and moved across the country to live in a small mountain town. 

I now help special souls like yourself, recover from loss, meet and love their authentic selves and create lives that are aligned with their  purpose.

You are at the beginning of a very important transformative journey and so much magic and abundance is on its way!


I'm read 1

Imagine waking up every day in love with yourself and
excited about your life.

Imagine this...

Waking up and looking forward to your day, because you know you are doing exactly
what you are meant to and it could not be any more aligned.

You reflect on the people in your life and smile from ear-to-ear. Whether they continue to be present in your life or not, you are grateful that you have crossed paths because they taught you something about yourself.

You are proud of yourself for being able to have deeper connections with others while
still honouring your own needs.

When you look out the window, your heart bursts with joy at the world outside.
You can feel the limitless possibilities and are curious what adventures will arise for you next.

As you get ready for your day, you notice how comfortable you feel in your own skin.
You smile thinking about how you used to dread getting dressed or looking at yourself in the mirror, and now you look at yourself in admiration as you know you are showing up in the world as your most expressed self.

It feels good to be aware of how gifted you are and how much you are helping people everyday.
The pain you went through feels worth it, because it has brought you to where you are now and has allowed you to take those lessons and apply them to the areas of life you are most passionate about.

When people ask you what you do for a living, you share it with them with enthusiasm,
because you love what you do and want to share it with the world.

As things that used to overwhelm and stress you out come up throughout your day,
you are able to be a present and grounded observer of them versus getting sucked into their chaos.

You have never felt more like yourself and despite life having its ups and downs,
you know that you will be more than fine because you trust in yourself and in the universe.

How GOOD would that feel?!

It's so damn possible for you.


What you need is to wake up to the knowing that this is all happening for you...

The Universe has your back, sweet one.

All the pain, the endings, the all took place to help you heal, to learn and be redirected onto a more aligned path.

When you see this you are able to develop clarity around who you truly are and why you are here.

As you free yourself of the stagnancy of the past, you are able to see and feel the guidance that is all around you.

When you are able to listen to the wisdom of your ethereal supports (spirit guides, passed loved ones, your higher self, etc.) and the Universe as a whole, then you become clearer on what is being asked of you and where you are headed to next.

You start giving yourself permission to feel your emotions and be with your shadow, while releasing the blocks that have kept you from your authentic expression and living a fulfilling life.

What​ you need is to surrender to the wisdom of your own intuition and trust that the Universe will never lead you astray.


I'm ready 2


Fully Unleashed

A one-on-one guided journey to release the shackles of your past in developing

a deepened connection with

your true self and your purpose.

Through this journey you will...

Release old belief systems and behaviours that give your power away.

Meet the deepest and most authentic version of yourself, who will help guide you into a loving relationship with yourself.

Become a magnet for what you desire and begin living in an aligned and fulfilling life.

Develop a deeply personal relationship with yourself, where your intuition and inner knowing are your guiding forces.

Become highly attuned and connected to the energetics of others and your life, so that you can more clearly see the truth.

Learn how to healthily release emotions so that you can be a clear channel for your intuition.

Develop a relationship with your inner child and free yourself from your past wounds.

Become a boundary setting queen, so that you can feel in your power and worth.

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 4.34.16 PM.png

"She helped me see the light"

“The beautiful Arya, has been an anchored and safe support for me along my journey of healing from my divorce, and stepping more into my authentic self.  

She always reminded me of my strength as a woman and helped me see the light on the other side of a very dark and painful period.  Arya is extremely intuitive, can pick up on blindspots in your own life, and subconscious blocks. You would be blessed to have the opportunity to work with her, to develop your own intuition, to learn to lead a more heart-centred life, and to explore more of who you truly are!"

Stephanie Morrison

Valerie Green.jpeg

"I couldn't be happier"

Arya helped me believe in myself in more ways than I thought possible. After losing my husband, I wasn't sure I would ever find love again. I felt damaged and unlovable. I am happy to say that we found one another this past March and I couldn't be happier.   [It happened] because I learned to love the goofy, silly, beautiful woman I am and embrace my true self. This is what he loves about me. It’s the part of me I hid from people in the past.”

Valerie Green

Over our time together, you will receive:

3x Monthly Transformation Calls

where we will work with spirit and the wisdom of your body to receive insights and empower you in to your truth.

1x Monthly Ethereal Energy Healing Sessions

where you will receive deep healing to shift the stagnant energy within you that is blocking your fulfillment and receive channelled insight from your guidance team


Sacred Self-Care Exercises

so that you can embody the energy of the work into your everyday life.

Recordings From All Your Sessions

so you can listen and remind yourself of any of the knowledge and messages that came through.

Voice and Text Support

so that you'll be able to connect with me and receive guidance and support between sessions.


Fully Unleashed is for you, if you are ready to...

Transform your life

You are done operating the way that you always have and are ready to SHIFT.

You are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to create a life that is FULFILLING.

Be witnessed in your power

You are WILLING to hear the whispers of your body and soul.

You are ready to TO BE SEEN as the powerful person that you are.

Embody your truth

You are desiring to connect with your inner guidance and surrender to its wisdom.

You are ready to listen and fully be the deepest and FULLY EXPRESSED version of you.

Step into your soul's purpose

You want to courageously embark on the path you are destined to live out.

You know that the it's time and with the right support, you can do anything!

These journeys are available to you


3-month journey

A dive into the depth of you

who you are and what you desire.


6-month journey

A transformation into the most powerful version of yourself.

Listen to Suzanna's experience

Are you ready to become
Fully Unleashed

Are you READY and WILLING to take inspired ACTION in your life?

I am calling in the sacred who are:

Done being defined by their pasts.

Ready to be guided by the desires and yearnings of their hearts.

Done playing out "what if's" in their minds and choosing to live them instead.

Ready to express themselves fully and trust where it takes them.

Prepared to leap into the destinies that are awaiting them.


Let's get on a call to chat about

how we can create the life that you are desiring!

  • How will we connect?
    All of our sessions will be over Zoom Video. They will also be recorded and shared with you, so you'll have them for life.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, there are payment plans available if needed.
  • Do you offer any special pricing for BIPOC?
    Yes, I do. Please complete the application form, set up a call and we can talk about the pricing options.
  • Can I work with you for less than 3 or 6 months?
    3 months is the minimum I'll take a client on for. I am looking to work with women who are committed to their personal transformation and in my experience, anything shorter than that would not deem significant results in my clients lives.
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