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What is at the core of your transformation?

Personal transformation, as I see it, is a commitment to living a life that is aligned with your heart and your deepest truth.

It requires a commitment to showing up fully in your life and making new choices that are exciting and light you up.

It's about taking risks, so that one day, you don't look back with regrets.

Do you know what one of the wishes of those on their death beds is?

It is, "I wish I lived a life true to me."

Oof. Does that not hit home for you?

Living a life not true to you...what does that look like?

Working a job you dislike?

Staying in a marriage for the kids?

Withholding your deepest feelings and desires out of fear of rejection?

In this week's You Relationship podcast episode, I go deeper into the topic of personal TRANSFORMATION, how to bring it about and how to make it work for you. You will learn about:

  • The commitment required to bring happiness and fulfillment to oneself.

  • The importance of showing up in your authenticity so that you really feel the joy of your accomplishments.

  • Increasing your vibration and the shifts you will see in your life when that happens.

  • How to take notice of where your own frequency is at.

  • Selflessness through selfishness.

  • Teaching others through your actions.

  • Surrendering to the "bad" and how empowering that is.

  • Getting to the core of why you desire transformation and the lessons it carries.

  • Shifting from pessimism to optimism and why it'll change your life.

  • Practicing non-attachment and the results it breeds.

My favourite line from the episode was "If you spend 90% of your time doing things that don't bring you joy, then you're not going to be very happy." What seems like an obvious statement carries so much meaning.

I am really proud of this episode and encourage you to give it a listen. If I were to write out all the lessons, I'd have a book. Perhaps it will be a book one day, but for now enjoy the 40 minute compressed version. 😋

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