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“You try all your life to be an adult, but something deep down inside you will always be that child.”

Viv Albertine


Your inner child is within you.

They are the person who you came into this world as.

They are a critical piece in understanding who you are.


This youthful version of you carries a lot of wisdom.

By connecting with them, you will...

> Release old beliefs about who you were told you are.

> Receive a deeper understanding of your true nature.

> Access parts of yourself you forgot existed.

> Invite in more playfulness into your life.

> Develop more clarity within yourself.

Wisdom from Within

A free guidebook made to help you access

the wisdom within you through your

inner child.

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Hello lovely! I am Arya.

Your Heart Guide.

When I walked away from my marriage, I felt like I walked away from the person I knew myself as. ​


Then when I left my 6-figure earning career, I really felt lost.


It was in my reconnection with myself...with my authentic self that I started to discover and find out who I really was.


A big part of this process has been in my reconnection with my inner child.


It has been in my acknowledgement and love for her.


My hope is that through the Wisdom from Within Guidebook that you will be able to discover a part of yourself you may have forgotten about or chosen to put away.

In my personal experience and with the women that I have worked with across the globe, when you reconnect with your inner child, you reconnect with yourself.

May it be playful, genuine and true to you.

Work with me.

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