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You are powerful



Until June 4th, you can now schedule a

 Power Activation by Maria.

Receive this special energetic activation

to support you in:

- Feeling the power within you

- Embodying your worth

- Up-leveling to a higher frequency

- Aligning yourself to manifest

what you desire

Shift from limitation to empowerment.




Hello lovely! 

I am Maria Juzwin.

I am someone, who just like you, was desiring transformation in her life.


After 30+ years, I found myself feeling trapped, unsure, and not in love with my life.


I desired something BIGGER for myself but had so many fears keeping me from making changes and creating the life I was deeply desiring.


It felt more comfortable and safer to stay in my current situation than to take risks and trust that what was on the other side of them would be exactly what I needed.


I eventually saw that unless I embraced transformation and change, I would not feel fulfilled in my life.


I took intuitive action and allowed my heart to guide my decisions.


I walked away from my marriage, career and reconnected with who I was.


In this process, I found myself again and birthed a life of adventure, fulfillment, and celebration.


Through my training in energy healing, spiritual family connection, and extensive self-development, I guide women to fiercely unleash and love who they are.


My purpose is to guide starseeds and lightworkers to recognize their personal power, help them hear the whisperings of their souls and empower them in bringing the fullest expression of themselves into their lives.

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Power Activation


A Power Activation

is a 1.5 hour session over Zoom that will activate you into the frequency of unconditional love and bring forward your inner power and confidence.

Through the use of energy work and channeling, you will be elevated into feeling your inner power, so that you can take the actions you desire.

All sessions are recorded and shared with you. You can re-experience the activation as many times as you'd like.

Maria will also be channeling during this session, so guidance regarding living in your power will

also come through.

Power Activations are no longer available as one-off bookings, but you can learn about the ways you can work with me in my one-on-one

Fully Unleashed Program.

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