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Take yourself on a

Hot Date


You want to feel worshiped...

You want to feel desired...

To feel cherished...

To feel loved...

And you want it all with PLEASURE.


A workbook that guides you through planning the most

love-filled and pleasurable date with yourself.

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It encourages deep reflection to help you learn what makes you feel loved and how to bring that to yourself.


This is your opportunity to give yourself the love, the pleasure and pampering that you desire.


As part of the Hot Date Guide, you will also receive a

BONUS Embody Love guided movement practice!

Why take yourself on a hot date?

Why date yourself?

Why date yourself?

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Why take yourself on a hot date?

We often look to others to provide us with what we desire.

Whether it's love, pleasure, or validation, we give our power away by

expecting others to do for us, what we can do for ourselves.

When we pamper and love on ourselves, we put the vibration out there that this is the type of treatment we deserve and through the Law of Attraction, we draw more of it into our lives.

It feels really good to do show yourself love and be in pleasure.

You will come out of this date feeling like the Queen that you are! 


Hello lovely! I am Arya.

Your Heart Guide.

After the ending of my marriage, I saw that I was looking to others for the love and pleasure that I longed for.

I would get disappointed and frustrated when I wasn't getting those things and I thought it was because I had not met the right person yet.

What I didn't realize was that person was ME!

So I shifted my focus from expecting others to give me what I want to providing it for myself.

I LOVE taking myself on hot dates!

They have allowed me to celebrate and honour myself for all that I am and do it the exact way that I like.

Through my work guiding women to follow the truth of their hearts and create lives that light them up, I have seen time and time again the difference it makes when women make choices for themselves over others.

I cannot stress enough the importance of being your own lover and best friend.

As you do so, more love, pleasure, and worship will come your way.

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Special Price of $20

Ready for that hot date?

This is what's included:

⟡ A 20-page Hot Date Guide with written prompts and reflection questions 

⟡ 6 Sections dedicated to creating the most loving date for yourself

⟡ A guided video pleasure practice

⟡ A specially curated hot date playlist


⟡ A special LOVE BONUS: A guided self-love embodiment audio practice 

I'm ready