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We have been conditioned to believe that divorces must be difficult, painful, drawn-out experiences. This does not have to be the case!


Use this free workbook to learn from your experience, let go of the pain and call-in the divorce that you desire.




Want to transform your relationship with yourself and your life?

Work with me one-on-one to receive

 dedicated and personalized guidance and support.

This is where the big SHIFT happens.

Moonli Divinity Testimonal - Brittney Mishio

Brittney Mishio

I always feel very supported and cared for during our sessions. I can feel her energy connected to me throughout the session and that deep connection allows for much needed energetic healing and support. I often get shivers and signs of the power of her words. She is intuitive and thoughtful in her communications. No two sessions are alike, and each time it allows us to go deeper in on the journey of healing. I am so grateful to have her as a healer in my life.”

Natalie Hotoyan

The experience is awakening, comfortable and calming. Anyone seeking clarity and healing, among many other needs can benefit.

Shelly Eldon

I was astonished that Maria so accurate with her assessment of me. She was able to visualize exactly what was happening in my life and explain how it is affecting me.

Amber Ellis

[The most valuable thing I got out of working with Maria] was all the incredible insight! So many of the things that came up were so resonate for me and hit a lot of cords. I also loved the visual descriptions/visions.

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