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An intentional mastermind and energetic upgrade for conscious soulpreneurs desiring to amplify their impact and incomes.

Developing the leader within through

femme-powered sisterhood

Energetics &

building a conscious marketing strategy that feels exciting and takes the guesswork out of what you're doing and how you show up

Body led

honour the leadership of your body and menstrual cycle when making decisions in your life and business

Visibility in your

learn vulnerable storytelling that speak to the hearts of your dream clients and in a way that allows your authentic self to shine


Changing the world through sisterhood



A conscious mastermind of entrepreneurial sisters who are feeling the call to elevate how they know themselves. An expansion of their energy, abundance and divine feminine leadership.


Love letter from a client
Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at 12.05.02 AM.png

Sound familiar?

  • You open up Instagram every day trying to figure out what to say and how to say it in a way that'll get you more followers and ultimately more sales

  • You make a plan for your business, but then life gets crazy, you get overwhelmed and you don't show up for it in the ways you want

  • Burn out and "not having the time" is a regular feeling for you -- it's like you're either working too much or not enough

  • It feels like you're in a codependant relationship with your business -- if it's doing well, you're happy, if it's not meeting your expectations, you're miserable

  • You often doubt your own capabilities and feel the loneliness that entrepreneurship can bring

Can you envision this?


It's approaching 9 PM and you are in a content flow.

It’s like you can’t turn off the tap, as the words pour out of you.


Your phone dings and you glance over.

It’s one of your entrepreneurial soul sisters asking if anyone is also feeling the potency of this moon on their creative energy.


You smirk and reply back, “SO feeling it. 📝”


You return to your laptop, knowing that the words appearing before you are not yours.

They are of some greater vibration based on a higher vision and you are simply the channel.


You chuckle as you think, “I used to want to spend my nights drinking wine and watching Netflix.”


Now you reside in a space where you feel more seen than you ever have.

Yes, by your audience but more so by you.


You never thought it could feel this easy...

This good...

But here you are, knowing that with every click of the keyboard, you are on some small level, changing the world.

I see you, sweet sister

  • Your soul decided to be extra courageous in this lifetime. You thought, "I can handle this," so you took on some big trauma, big vision and decided to be different in this world.

  • At some point you realized that you were gifted and that your role on this planet was so much greater than getting through this lifetime.

  • Your heart and soul ache to make a big impact and to be the freest expression of yourself in the world.

  • You desire to feel free, abundant and to truly make a positive difference.

  • You believe in sisterhood over comparison, unity over judgement, love over fear.

  • Along the way you bravely chose to do it your way and start a business, and through that you've had to meet yourself in deeper ways than you ever have.

  • You thrive in community and this entrepreneurial journey has been hella lonely.

  • But despite the challenges it has carried, it has been worth it...

  • And you want this to want to touch more want to feel balanced and in your joy, while also showing up in servitude to the greater good.

  • You have been brought here for a reason...and now you get to learn how to do it in a way that is supportive of your desires, health and passion for life...

A 20+ year conscious marketer & coach


Hi! I'm Arya.

I've been there. After creating a 15+ year career in corporate Marketing, I wanted my work to be focused on making a positive impact in the world.

I left what was familiar and secure to become a full-time entrepreneur.  I learned quickly that old habits die hard and that if I was going to live the lifestyle I desired, I needed to prioritize my well-being, while being heart-led and strategic in my business.


Through a conscious approach to marketing myself, accompanied by a devoted awareness to the wisdom of my body, I was able to launch several live programs, bring in tens of thousands of dollars in 1:1 sales and build up my social following to just over a 12k audience.


I have created this mastermind to support other conscious and spiritual entrepreneurs to approach their businesses in a way that drives results, supports their nervous systems and establishes them as leaders in their industries.  

“Arya is like the soul sister you have always wanted! She is powerful and magical just with her presence! ​
She is extremely intuitive and really is inspiring! Empowering women is just one of the many things she does!” 

Vann-Ly Cheng

Starting on Wed. Oct. 4th at 11 AM PST, you will receive:

➵ 6 x live trainings

1.5 hour bi-weekly transmissions will be the foundation of the program and guide your whole journey. Taking place every second Wednesday at 11 AM PST.

➵ 6 x amplifiers to create immediate results

Every 2 weeks, you will be given amplifier assignments to

implement what you learned & accountability to support you in their execution.

➵ A live voice & text community space

For the entire 3 months, you will have access to a live voice and text group

for any questions you might have and to receive additional support.

If you opt for the AMPLIFIED AF Package, you will also get a:

➵ 3 x 1:1 dedicated Expansion Sessions

Receive dedicated 60-min one-on-one planning and guidance sessions with Arya

You will learn how to:

Create a multi-platform marketing plan and strategy.

Imagine know​ing exactly how to show up in your business every day.

Position yourself and the value you offer with clarity and in a way that converts.

Develop​ your brand positioning and get super clear on how to explain your work.

Work with the cycles of your body in a way that support you and your biz.

Planning with your menstrual cycle, nervous system and using somatic practices to move through resistance.

Authentic storytelling and content creation that speak to the heart of the matter.

Creating reels, posts, emails that resonate with your dream client and build trust.

Move through resistance and overcome the fear that stops you.

Working with the nervous system and mind to show up in the highest service to your work.

Remove money blocks and invite in consistent income.

Develop and understanding of the energy of money and how to become a magnet for it.

Arya is going to tell you exactly what you need to hear and not always what you want to here but it’s with so much love. It’s like hanging out with a wise friend.  She led me back to the heart of business and by doing so I found confidence in my leadership, she helped me get clear on my message and the women I came here to help, always gave great feedback on my progress and even healed multiple blocks that allowed me to speak more of my truth online.

If you are looking for a traditional, get rich quick agenda, Arya isn’t for you. But if you are looking for a soulful approach where you learn how to do business from your heart space where action feels aligned and not forced, Arya is your gal! 

Kaitlyn Moricz

This is for you, if want to:

  • Amplify your impact and income where you're no longer stressing about sales, but instead focusing on how you can grow

  • Create consistency around your business performance, where posting doesn't feel like a drag, but something you find ease and play around

  • Have a plan that you show up for every day (in other words, no more guessing if you're posting the right thing, on the right platforms or selling the right offering)

  • Have clarity around what you offer and how it benefits others, so that it's easy for you to talk about and it attracts the humans you're desiring to help

  • Feel lit up and inspired by your work and FEEL the positive impact you're having

  • Be a leader in your space and approach decision making with confidence and assertiveness

  • LIVE YOUR LIFE FULLY while  also rocking it in and taking pleasure in your biz

Are you ready to AMPLIFY?



Step into the leader you are and be guided in conscious action to create body-aligned strategy, make an impact and feel like a gooddess while doing so.

Doors have closed for Q4 2023

Get added to the waitlist for 2024

The biggest shift through working with Arya has been an energetic one. It’s a deeper sense of trust that it is all happening right on time. It’s been a shift away from the feeling that “I need to do / be / post more and then my business will grow”, toward knowing and feeling that “I simply need to show up as me, with a desire to connect with people, and as a result, I will attract the connections and clients that are meant for me”.

Tangibly, I also celebrated my single largest income month during my work with Arya, increased my IG connections by 16%, enrolled a new client, and re-enrolled two existing clients! And I launched and hosted my first ever multi-week group container! 

Teresa Towey


The Amplified AF Package

Upgrade your experience with the Amplified AF Package

And get 3 dedicated one-on-one 1-hour deep dive sessions, where you'll experience personalized strategic guidance and channeled messages through Arya.

An additional $777

(Available Payment Plan of $277 x 3 months)

“My life has changed drastically. Not only did I find my authentic self, but I met amazing women, began the journey of finding my purpose, found out I’m a light worker, met so many amazing women, and continue to expand and grow as I continue working with Arya in her community.

I had no idea that there would be this big of an impact after the program and I’m so grateful to have connected with Arya ❤️"
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