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Shed your skin and embrace your roar

A guided journey to support you in rising to the truth of who you are, where nothing feels too big, because you are unwavering in who you are, what you stand for and what you're here to experience and create.

You want to have it all

The magnetic presence that draws the most divine people your way,


the can't keep-my-hands-off-you relationship,


the dreamiest vacations where nothing else exists or matters other than the beauty around you

and a bank account that adds to your safety and security, instead of taking away from it.

Green Mountains
Green Leaves

But when you go to make it happen...

You freeze and panic: "What if I try and f*ck it all up?!"

You instantly feel like having a snack, scrolling Instagram, or texting a friend.

You get overwhelmed and not sure what next steps to take: "There's so much to do!"

Overthinking how to do it "right," so you put it off for later: "but these bills gotta get paid now!"

You get distracted by other things you need to do (like laundry, errands, or walk the dog).

You hear the naysayers in your mind (and a part of you wonders if they're right).

I bet that you...

Crave to feel celebrated and acknowledged for who you are and what you do.

Yearn to not worry about what people think and shine brightly in the world as your bold and badass self.

Deeply desire to believe in yourself without needing external validation of any kind.

Long to finally feel like you're living fully and doing the things you've always wanted to do. 

Fern leaf

Imagine what would be possible if...

Image by Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau

You showed up for yourself, but your legacy benefited

People pleasing becomes a thing of the past and you stop looking outside of yourself for answers. In that, your grandchildren are shown what true confidence and inner trust are.

Image by Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau

"One day" became a devotional "now"

You stop delaying and start LIVING. You recognize that "one day" means "never" and you show up to life with a clarity and conviction that all you desire is coming your way.

Image by Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau

You found the trifecta - peace, happiness and fulfillment

Sacrifice is not something you play in. You know that your happiness is your own responsibility (not your partner's or business's). You choose what feels most aligned in the body and with that you thrive.

Starting June 12th, over 8 weeks you'll move through your unwavering journey with:

☾ 8 x Weekly In-Depth Transmissions

☾ 8 x Guided Meditative, Somatic or Embodiment practices

☾ Daily Audio Journeys to integrate and support you through neural reprogramming

☾ A Community Space to receive guidance, support and companionship

☾ Expansion actions and to integrate everything you learn into your every day life

☾ Weekly Playlists to deepen your experience





The experience you're in for

Phase 1 - Going Within

Developing deep rooted safety and trust within the body and self

Phase 2 - Attunement

Accessing clarity and guidance through your inner compass and your channel

Phase 3 - Becoming

Embodying your radiant self who has the essence and confidence to have it all

The biggest shift through working with Arya has been an energetic one. It’s a deeper sense of trust that it is all happening right on time. It’s been a shift away from the feeling that “I need to do / be / post more and then my business will grow”, toward knowing and feeling that “I simply need to show up as me, with a desire to connect with people, and as a result, I will attract the connections and clients that are meant for me”.

Tangibly, I also celebrated my single largest income month during my work with Arya, increased my IG connections by 16%, enrolled a new client, and re-enrolled two existing clients! And I launched and hosted my first ever multi-week group container! 

Teresa Towey


Hi! I'm Arya.


A corporate powerhouse turned healer, teacher and guide. It took me 30+ years to discover my gifts and true origins.

Once I did, I walked away from a multiple 6-figure career, a marriage and moved to a small town in the mountains.

I now spend my days immersing myself in what I love and living out my soul's purpose of empowering gifted women to discover and love who they truly are.

I now have an even deeper love for myself and what brings me joy.

Kaitlyn Moricz

Becoming Unwavering

Green Hills

Go All-In



Get Cozy

$375 / month


Green Leaves




Arya helped me believe in myself in more ways than I thought possible. After losing my husband, I wasn't sure I would ever find love again. I felt damaged and unlovable. I am happy to say that we found one another this past March and I couldn't be happier. [It happened] because I learned to love the goofy, silly, beautiful woman I am and embrace my true self. This is what he loves about me. It’s the part of me I hid from people in the past.

Valerie Green

Upgrade to the Fierce AF 1:1 Experience

For the woman who's ready to go all in on her evolution.

☾ Get 4 x 1:1 Alignment Sessions with me

☾ Get access to Arya with any of your questions and/or challenges through Voice and Text 

$1,497 Pay In Full

Total with Unwavering is $2,397

Payment Plan: $597 / month for 4-months

Contact me for the payment plan link

Fierce AF

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform will the group support be on?

It will be on Circle, which is the same platform the program is hosted. The community will be within the Soul Circle Community, which is not publicly accessible.


Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are not an option, as the program is built to support a small group, which requires significant time and investment. If you at the end of the program you feel like you have showed up 100% and didn’t receive the results, we can have a conversation about it.


What are your asks of me?

My ask is that you show up fully and completely dedicate yourself to the program. The more dedicated you are, the more you will receive from the work.

Do you offer any pricing benefits to the BIPOC community?

Yes, there are options available. If you are a part of the BIPOC community, please send me an email and we can figure out a way to make this work for you.

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