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The lessons of judgement.

Judgement has been my way of navigating life for a very long time.

But the effects of it have not served me. Judgement has: - Kept me in my head, always wondering what others are thinking - Held me back from taking the actions I desire - Made me feel down on myself and dis-empowered - Kept me living small and only taking the safe route - Me resisting my calling, because it feels too vulnerable - Made me feel isolated and alone And the list goes on... This is the journey of judgement. It is one that doesn't serve us, but it has a lot to teach us.

One important thing to remember is when we judge others, we are ultimately judging ourselves. It is a protective mechanism to keep us safe, but what it is showing us is what we need to heal and resolve within ourselves.

When you feel judgement coming up, try this:

1. Why am I feeling judgement right now?

2. How does this not serve me?

3. How would this look if I approached it from a compassionate space?

Compassion is the cure to judgement. Seeing situations and yourself from a compassionate space, will allow you to be guided from a place of love, which I promise feels much better than judgement.

How does this feel to you? How has judgement showed up in your life?

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With love and light,


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