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What do you dream of?

Are you living the life you always envisioned?

What would you like to create for yourself?


We have all dreamed and envisioned things for ourselves. Some of us have known what we’ve wanted our lives to look like since we were children and for others, it has changed over time.


Often these dreams feel unachievable or a long way away, but they don’t have to be. What we envision for ourselves is extremely important in fulfilling our life purposes and in feeling happy, connected and motivated.

Your dreams can come to fruition now. It doesn’t have to be a difficult process or take a long time. They are at your fingertips; you just don’t quite know yet how to grasp them.


The Manifest Your Dreams Workshop will take you on a journey to really connect with what your deepest and truest desires are. It will bring them clearly to your awareness and guide you on how you can achieve them. There are easy steps and tools you can use to make your dreams manifest into your present life.


What you will receive:

  • New tools and resources for making all your dreams come true

  • New ways to connect within and speak to yourself on a deeper level

  • Develop a clear understanding of what your dreams are

  • A new found appreciation for the live you are currently living

  • A new perspective on life and how to navigate it

  • A Manifesting Dreams essential oil blend to help support you in your journey


You will leave the workshop with a new perspective and new tools on how to create what you want for yourself. You will have no more of a reason to wait for your dreams to come true, but will, in turn, be an active creator of them.

This workshop is for you if:

  • There are things you have always dreamed of achieving, but have not yet

  • You are not living the life you dreamed of

  • You feel stuck in your current life situation and want to create something new for yourself

  • You don’t know what your dreams are, but would like to connect with them




Manifest Your Dream Life

November 12th 2 – 5 PM

Kleinburg, Ontario

Investment of $90

Become the creator of your dream life.

Registration Options:

1. Email transfer $90 to

2. Click the Pay Online button below and pay $95 (due to processing fees).

Available under "Group Services"


I had an amazing time with Moonlit Divinity! Maria provided me with a welcome and safe environment to fully express my inner thoughts without judgement, and helped me realize what is really important to me in my life. I would love to come back for another session!
Aaron Vindua
I recently attended Maria's "Manifest Your Dreams" workshop. She led an inspiring session that helped guide me towards a real action plan. I particularly appreciated the way she guided the meditations - her calming voice and choice of verbal cues helped me stay centered and feel confident in my ability to meditate. Overall, I thought the session was very personal and impactful. I highly recommend Maria's workshops!
Breanne Schroder
A fantastic learning around how one can apply positive thinking to their daily life. One thing in particular was the thought of waking up in the morning and having a positive approach as to how your day will unfold. Today was an awesome day at work. I began by thinking that I will contribute my ideas to the structure of the workplace that I am in appreciate that one will listen and take the information to a higher level. Also, looking forward to exercising again after having some sickness. Wow, the positive thinking worked! Newer approach has begun at work and my workout felt really good. Here's to tomorrow and I thank Maria so much for the wonderful approach/teaching at her Manifest Your Dreams  workshop.
Gilda Theriault
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