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Coming home to yourself

Together we will peel back the layers that have kept you in self-doubt and pain, so that you can love and claim the truth within you.

This is where you get to embrace all of you and take actions to create the life that you desire most.

The distance healing vibe

Energy precedes time and space, which means it can be facilitated at a distance.

Distance healing sessions are extremely powerful and you get to experience them from the comfort of your home.

Make your space into a sanctuary and allow yourself to feel safe, dropping into a state of deep relaxation, while I work on you from afar. These are hosted over Zoom.

Majority of the sessions I have facilitated have been at a distance, where the client and I are not in the same physical space. 

Whether you are across the world or down the street, distance sessions have the ability to support you on multiple levels.

I cannot say enough good things about Arya! Her energy is so welcoming, powerful and full of love. I have worked with Arya both online (6 months 1:1) and in person and have done some deep healing with her guidance, gained a deep awareness of who I am. I continue to use the practices that I learned to grow and develop myself. I am so grateful to have worked with her and would 100% recommend her services.

Patricia Macedo

What happens in a 1:1 session

☾ Sessions are typically 60-minutes, for which most of it you are lying down and receiving energetic and light touch. 

☾ At the end of the session, I share with you any guidance and wisdom that came through while working on you.

☾ I work with the vibration of essential oils, which are intuitively selected to meet your needs. Their energy can be felt from a distance.

☾ You will walk away feeling understood, more relaxed and at ease with yourself and your life.


Arya is an incredibly gifted energy healer, with strong channeling abilities. Her energy sessions helped me reconnect with a lost loved one and the experience has changed the course of my life. Arya is an extremely professional, intuitive, kind, genuine, and authentic master level clinician who really practices what she teaches. I highly** recommend working with her if you want to foster growth and healing in your life. I feel very blessed to have crossed paths! Thanks Arya!

Dana LIngelbach

My methodology

The approach I use is unique. It's a combination of Usui Reiki, channeling, intuitive therapy and scent therapy.

In our session together, I am working with your energetic body (your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional bodies) to clear blocks.

Blocks are the result of past trauma, limiting beliefs, and injuries. When these energetic blocks exist in the body, they create dis-ease and ailments within.

At the same time, I am channeling information from your energetic body and your ethereal supporters (past loved ones, higher dimensional beings, angels, etc.).

At the end of the session, you will receive helpful guidance that you can use as next steps in living out your intentions.


Arya is life changing!  She is pure magic.  I have done a 1:1 session and reiki level one certification with Arya.  She is so connected and truly gifted in her ability to connect with angels, those who have passed over and your energy and needs in general.  Working with Arya introduced me to and helped me have a relationship with my inner child.  She has helped me through many blocks. And one session with Arya is an introduction to an online community and free check ins via zoom.  Arya is the real deal and everyone who she interacts with, (even through zoom!) is simply the better for it.  I guarantee an impactful, self reflective experience that will move block and clear energy to help you heal and grow.

Heather Quinn


Hi! I'm Arya.


I used to carry a lot of shame about myself.

I thought my worth was determined based on what I had on the outside. I created the life I was supposed to, but yet I was deeply unhappy. The marriage, the big house, the lavish career, none of it felt like me.

After a heart-breaking miscarriage, I went on a spiritual path that awakened me to my intuitive gifts. Through my own healing journey and self-reclamation journey, I learned to love and accept myself deeply without putting limitations on what was possible.

I now guide and teach others to love themselves fully and create lives that light them up!

This is for you, if you desire:

A stronger sense of self

You wish you were more secure and trusted yourself more. What's blocking you are old stories likely connected with your childhood. Once you clear these from your body, you begin to meet and love the true you.

More peace and inner serenity

You are often very stressed and have a difficult time accessing inner peace or there is something weighing on you. Energy healing helps ease anxiety and I will guide you through ways you can ground and access peace within.

Confidence in your path going forward

You have dreams and goals, but lack the clarity or confidence on how to achieve them. Through your session, you will receive clear next steps you can take that are aligned with your fulfillment.

This is the vision I hold for you.
It is one where:

you are magic.png

The only person you seek to please is yourself

You are sensitive so you can feel the expectations of others, but you always check in with yourself before doing anything. You understand that your peace and happiness is more important than anyone else's.


You accept and love all of you

You have flaws, you make mistakes, you even fail sometimes, but you love yourself through all of it. You show up as your authentic self and never make yourself wrong for any desire or dream you might have.


Nothing feels unachievable to you

You feel and know your worth. You know that whatever you devote yourself to will come to fruition in your life. You no longer doubt yourself or what's possible for you, and have a deeper sense of trust overall.

Arya is wonderful at what she does- she listens intently and empathetically, provides helpful insights , and is a knowledgable and skilled guide, therapist, leader and coach in the sphere of personal growth, wellness and healing. She is an absolute light and source of support for women in the community and I highly recommend working with her! I worked with Arya at a time when I was wanting to level up in my career and she helped me work through a lot of mental blocks and programming around my fears,  and helped me figure out how to build up my confidence. I am an artist and honestly doubted if I would ever be able to perform my own work live. Since working with Arya in Spring 2022, i now have 10 shows under my belt!

Taylor Reid



Sliding Scale

$155 - $311

No additional taxes. You pick what you pay within that range. If this is out of budget for you, please send me an email, as I have a limited number of spots for accessible pricing.


Arya is such a light and has impacted my life tremendously even through just one session of working with her. She is seriously gifted and was able to see and clear out so much of the negative energy I was carrying, allowing me to open the door to my authentic self, healing traumas and move forward from challenges I was facing. She is incredible and I highly recommend working with her.

Jovan Zeolla

I CANNOT EVEN tell you how impactful my session with Arya was. She supported me in such a nurturing, big sister, motherly way. It feels so easy to be vulnerable with her, and I feel safe shining light on the parts of me that feel tender in her presence. That alone is such a gift.

There is also an immense power that comes from her leadership style, that initiation! That, “Let’s GO there” energy. No room for copping out. We’re diving in DEEP. The channeling, her grounded gem of intuition, her voice and guidance - alllll held me, made me feel so seen and supported.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Arya is one powerful healer!

Alix Camp


Not sure if this style of healing is best suited for you?

Send me an email with any questions you might have.


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