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Create the vision for your 2022 and

put the fulfillment of your desires in motion.


You can have everything you dream of...

If you want to see your dreams come to fruition, you need to get clear on what they are.

In this 2.5 hour workshop, you are going to be guided through a deep envisioning and manifestation process for your 2022.

This workshop will be the catalyst for the year of your dreams, as you dive into the vision you want to see manifest and be guided through powerful practices to make space for it.

What you will receive is:

💎 Learn how to quantum leap

(from one possible reality to another)


💎 Completely shift into a new possibility for your future


💎 Receive an energetic release of the person and aspects of you who are misaligned with what you desire


💎 Embody (through a guided movement practice) the frequency and energy of the version of you who has what you want


💎 Develop a clear vision of what you are calling in for 2022


💎 Learn how to become a magnet and

match for your desires


A deep dive into the envisioning and manifestation of

the year you desire.

Energy Exchange: $111



Hello! I am Arya.

I have been consciously working with the energetics of the Universe and actively creating the life of my dreams for the past 14 years.

I have seen my biggest dreams come true and have scratched many things off my bucket list. Some of these things were related to my career, money, and some to love and travel. 

Ever since I became aware that I am the creator of my reality and that there are limitless possibilities available to me, I have been actively working with the Universe to continue calling in my desires and teaching others to do the same.

I am very passionate about the manifestation process and the Law of Attraction, which is why I choose to share this science-based magic with you.

When you tap into your own power and that of the Universe, you can have your dreams realized quickly. The process I use combines healing with manifestation so that you can be a magnet for what you desire without any blocks from your past.

Your dreams are more accessible to you than you may realize. Let's make them happen!

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