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Feel confident setting boundaries and feel damn good doing it...

As a empath and highly sensitive person you feel everything.

You are there for everyone, but keep forgetting about you.

Inside of FIERCE & BOUNDARIED, you'll practice setting unapologetic boundaries so filled with love that they'll be impenetrable gifts to anyone who receives them.


Not only will you leave feeling way more confident about how to say no in a loving  firm way, but you'll also feel lit up doing it.

I see you, babe...

- Wishing you had more time and energy to do the things you actually want .

- The thought of saying no to something feels like more work than just agreeing to it and moving on.

- You rather give than receive. It's way more comfortable, plus you don't want to have to owe them afterwards.

- You can feel people's emotions and the awkwardness of setting a boundary doesn't feel worth it.

But you haven't yet experienced the depth and love that comes from setting boundaries in an open-hearted and authentic way. A way that leaves you and others feeling closer and more connected.

FIERCE & BOUNDARIED will forever shift how you feel about setting boundaries and actually get you excited to do so.

In this 2-hour workshop, you'll learn how to set boundaries in a way that will allow you to:

- Do more of what you want and love up on yourself in all the ways you crave.

- Enjoy the time you have on your own instead of feeling guilty.

- Speak your needs clearly without shutting down or filtering them.

- Feel confident in choosing what's best for you and not carry what anyone else might think

My love, you are here to make a POSITIVE IMPACT on the world and your time and energy are precious.

Join this workshop and become the woman who changed the world with one loving no at a time.



A workshop to get you setting guilt-free boundaries

like an open-hearted baddie.

Current Price: $77



Hey babe! I'm Arya.

My childhood programming is to think of others before myself. To feel into how others will react and then adjust myself accordingly.


This helped me feel in control and less vulnerable.


Until I realized it was hurting me. My codependency was so strong that after 1 date with someone, I'd only feel as good as my last interaction with them.


At work I barely had boundaries. Even when I did push back it would be very uncomfortable and I usually ended up giving up more than I wanted.


I was bitter and resentful because everyone felt selfish to me...


Except the truth was that I was projecting my own insecurities onto them. I wasn't taking care of myself and was expecting others to know what I needed.


Instead of speaking my truth, I would hold it in and become angry. I ended friendships over this, picked fights and was exhausted.


After all kinds of physical issues and mental health struggles, I started to see that I was creating this dis-ease in my body.


I began focusing on myself and prioritizing my own well-being. 


I learned how to identify and honour my needs, then began sharing them.


I stopped seeing my "no" as harmful and started using it as an opportunity for deeper connection.

The more my needs felt met, the safer I felt and the easier setting boundaries became.


Now I only do what I authentically want and that which will serve my highest and best.


All areas of my life have benefited and best of all, I have fallen in love with myself. 

Now I help femme identified beings do the same for themselves and in that completely transform their lives.


Can't wait to help you do the same!





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